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  • Exterior Medellin reproduces with precision and depth the tones of the stone. Its design allows to combine the different tones of the stones in the same piece, generating a sensation of movement unique in the market, and its slip resistant finish makes it the perfect complement for exteriors.

  • The Bohémica family of exteriors are designed to combine perfectly with each other to create dynamic, moving, harmonious and above all differentiating environments.

  • Our Bussola Grey series enriches the natural category of our Vitale collection, a limestone-like material in neutral and timeless shades with a strong universal trend.

  • Its classic and neutral tone, with its granite design, is the perfect volume for your environments as it offers a non-slip product both indoors and outdoors.

  • Sober and elegant exterior in dark colors that contrast perfectly in any outdoor environment. Achieving dark products with the highest traffic at a ceramic level is an achievement of utmost importance that gives a plus to our portfolio.

  • Our INCINO GREY from the new VITALE collection of CERAMICA ITALIA, is inspired by a granite stone, simulating a rock with white, gray and black tones with the properties of slip resistance and natural finish, to achieve environments where the feeling of peace, tranquility and serenity are the protagonists.

  • Our product DUNNOTTAR PLATA, is inspired by a mix of cement with granulite stone, which are used with high exclusivity in decorations and architectural finishes, for its natural beauty and verticality in combinability.

  • Its untoned surface and matte finish highlights the reproduction of a real cement and whose texture with the new carving effect

  • The Vigenzzo series is made up of a wood-like ceramic design, visually enriched by its multiple light tones and its 8 differentiated faces where its natural grains will provide your home with the warmth and personalization of a natural space.

  • The FURORE model is a highly resistant wood, its eucalyptus wood-like design with a grayish tone that inspires the warmth of nature.

  • Marble-type stone: with a mixture of limestone and calcite, its satin finish achieves a smooth, soft and sembirllante surface.

  • Our large format TORMES (58.4x118.4) simulates the texture achieved with oils on turpentine on paper, the differentiated faces of this product allows you to achieve a visual effect of ocean movement in your spaces, achieving a natural paradise.

  • Inspired by travertine marble, one of the most elegant stones that can be installed in a home, we present the new Antar Grafito Brillante glossy wall in 25x75 format.

  • Product inspired by wood, thanks to its finish, design and color, it has become the ideal ceramic.

  • Natural, pure and Amazonian. Giunglia represents our origin, inspired by the myth of Yurupari, this piece seeks to represent the rays of the sun shining on the wild Amazon jungle, through the use of golden grenillas, this piece conveys the brightness and luminescence of the sun in a ceramic.

  • Design and Nature. Mix & Match applied at its best. Combination between organic elements contrasted with stone elements offers a unique sensory richness to any wall thanks to the carving effect used for this material.

  • Movement and rhythm. Inspired by the Mix&Match concept, Arno nature is a composition of kinetic graphics that simulates waves in motion, enriched with gold-grained finishes, which enhances its visual and tactile appeal.

  • Katia 25x75 wood with the new carving effect identified at international ceramic design fairs as a trend in vogue.

  • Its dark shade challenges the market as it is different from the typical warm colored woods and Terra

  • The natural tone blurs the line between beige and brown giving way to a more neutral tone easy to combine and contrast.

  • The natural tone blurs the line between beige and brown giving way to a more neutral tone easy to combine and contrast.

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