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  • Sober and elegant exterior with a composition between different shades of gray that contrast perfectly in any outdoor environment.

  • High traffic natural floor

  • The Bohémica family of exteriors are designed to combine perfectly with each other to create dynamic, moving, harmonious and above all differentiating environments.

  • Its classic and neutral tone, with its granite design, is the perfect volume for your environments as it offers a non-slip product both indoors and outdoors.

  • Sober and elegant exterior in dark colors that contrast perfectly in any outdoor environment. Achieving dark products with the highest traffic at a ceramic level is an achievement of utmost importance that gives a plus to our portfolio.

  • Exterior Medellin reproduces with precision and depth the tones of the stone. Its design allows to combine the different tones of the stones in the same piece, generating a sensation of movement unique in the market, and its slip resistant finish makes it the perfect complement for exteriors.

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